An Ethical recruiting company in Nepal.

We recruit and deploy to our partners in a fair and transparent procedures without violating workers right. Our approach, techniques, due-diligence methods helps all stakeholder to achieve their objectives. We strongly work to act against Modern Day Slavery, Human Trafficking and Forced Labor.

Recruiting & facilitating since 2001

With over years of service, we have been able to deploy the right person for the right job. Our management systems in place help us achieve the right candidate. Doing so our clients has always been praising our systems for information flow and being transparent.

About Kalinchok Manpower

Around 2000 AD when overseas worker migration was taking it's peak, despite the numerous recruitment agencies in Nepal, there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency and that the need was urgent. It was this very concern that brought Kalinchok Manpower into existence.


Kalinchok Manpower is established as one of the prominent overseas recruitment agencies since 2001 AD and active in overseas manpower recruitment. Kalinchok Manpower deploys migrant workers in Zero Cost i.e. No visa fee, No joining ticket; No service charge and no other charges which is mandatory by Government of Nepal to join Foreign Employment. Kalinchok Manpower carries necessary government accreditation and registration. From the employer’s point of view we are seen as reliable, trustworthy Nepal recruitment agency and give them what they need: candidates who turn out to be assets for them after undergoing a careful vetting process to match candidate profile to job profile. From a candidate’s viewpoint: we are seen as one of the credible overseas job recruitment agencies since our hiring process is fair and with no monetary dealings, open and transparent contract agreement with nothing hidden, no false promises or claims. We are transparent and inform each candidate what he/she is in for and what is expected of him/her in return for being selected for the job.


What we provide

We lay emphasis on individual solutions which are mutually beneficial by matching right person for right job thus providing unique service to the industry. The company has been successfully fulfilling the demands of the manpower requirements since the time of its inception.

All your HR solution under one roof.


Why Choose Us?

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Ethical RecruitmentPractices


Promotes rightsof migrant worker.


Employers PayPrinciple


Transparancy & IntegrityWorking System

Our achievements Kalinchok Manpower in numbers

Recruitment Specialist, as we are known, is the result of our continued strive for excellence by providing the highest quality of service to our clients at the right time with the right place and at a competitive price, specialist for which we are internationally renowned.


years of success


Countries of Service


Workers Deployed



Kalinchok Manpower sends workers at Zero cost (Employer Pays Mode).

कालिन्चोक मेनपावरले कामदारलाई शुन्य लागतमा बैदेशिक रोजगारीमा पठाउंदछ

How / कसरी ?

Our Partners

With more than 200 clients over the years of service, to mention few of them are below.


Worried about where to start ?

Request a call, we here at Kalinchok Manpower will assist and guide you through every step to reach your objective.

We are Professional Recruiting & Consulting Agency

We are long established, a complete work abroad solution in a professional and efficient manner with less hassles and procedures. Our highly experienced and friendly staff will work with you to sort your issues and help achieve your objective in every possible way.

  • Perfect guidance to your HR requirements
  • Save time, resource and money!
  • Helping to increase your economic growth!
  • Work together to abolish Modern Day Slavery, Forced Labor and Human Trafficking.
  • Introduce you to controls and measures to reduce risk and mitigate them.

What our candidates Say


म सन् २००२ मा यस कालिन्चोक मेनपावरबाट मलेशियाको क्वालालाम्पुरस्थित सेक्युरिटिम कम्पनीमा सुपरभाइजर भई ड्यूटी गर्न गएकोमा तोकिए बमोजिम पारिश्रमिक पाएकोले म यस कम्पनी प्रति आभार व्यक्त गर्दछु ।

राम वहादुर खड्कासेक्युरिटी सुपरभाइजर

मलाई सन् २००६ मा यस कालिन्चोक मेनपावरबाट डकर्मी कार्यको लागि मलेशिया पठाएकोमा सन्तोषजनक पारिश्रमिक दिएकोले मेरो केही आर्थिक लाभ भएको हु“दा म खुशी भएको अनुभव गर्दछु ।

मिलन गिरीकन्सट्रक्सन वर्कर

म यस कालिन्चोक मेनपावर मार्फत मलेशियामा क्लिनर भई सेवा गर्न गएकोमा तोकिएको पारिश्रमिक पाएकोले यस कम्पनीको इमान र व्यवस्थापन प्रति सन्तोष रहेको छु ।

मदनसिंह खत्रीक्लिनर

म यस कालिन्चोक मेनपावरबाट मलेशियामा सेक्युरिटी गार्ड भई ड्यूटी गर्न गएकोमा पाउनु पर्ने पारिश्रमिक समयमै दिने गरेकोले यस कम्पनीको व्यवस्थापन सन्तोषजनक रहेको अनुभूति गर्दछु।

राम शरण कार्कीसेक्युरिटी गार्ड