Kalinchok Manpower is established as one of the prominent overseas recruitment agencies since 2001 AD and active in overseas manpower recruitment. Kalinchok Manpower deploys migrant workers in Zero Cost i.e. No visa fee, No joining ticket; No service charge and no other charges which is mandatory by Government of Nepal to join Foreign Employment. Kalinchok Manpower carries necessary government accreditation and registration. From the employer’s point of view we are seen as reliable, trustworthy Nepal recruitment agency and give them what they need: candidates who turn out to be assets for them after undergoing a careful vetting process to match candidate profile to job profile. From a candidate’s viewpoint: we are seen as one of the credible overseas job recruitment agencies since our hiring process is fair and with no monetary dealings, open and transparent contract agreement with nothing hidden, no false promises or claims. We are transparent and inform each candidate what he/she is in for and what is expected of him/her in return for being selected for the job.

Since the foundation of the company, our essential ingredient of overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary providers of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions.


Story of Kalinchok Group started in 1999 AD, where the company's main driving force Lt. Col. Pradeep Kumar Karki (Retd.), who after a distinguished career of 27 years with the Nepalese Aramy formed a company Kalinchok Security Services with a view to provide employment opportunities to Ex-servicemen and civilians.

Around 2000 AD when overseas worker migration was taking it's peak, despite the numerous recruitment agencies in Nepal, there was a need for a professionally managed recruitment agency and that the need was urgent. It was this very concern that brought Kalinchok Manpower into existence.

Kalinchok Manpower is operational since April 12, 2001. With company's expertise on security service background, Kalinchok Manpower initially started with deploying security guards overseas. After proving trustworthy by clients the company started providing other services as well.

Around 2016 AD after the impact of modern day slavery was rising and were broadcasted on news almost daily. This news showed how Nepalese workers abroad were forced to overwork under risky work environment and lowest living standard ever imagined. This very concern had impact on Nepalese worker themselves and also to the recruiting companies.

Kalinchok Manpower in July 2016, then stopped all it's recruiting operations and withheld all it's pending contract and changed it's entire business model to ETHICAL RECRUITMENT. We then build new management systems, developed processes, controls, measures and dedicated it's entire operation for the welfare of migrant workers.

Ever since of operation, Kalinchok Manpower has always been renowned for being professional, trustworthy and transparent company. Recruiting and facilitating has always been our strongest point. We always look forward for future challenges and provide our clients with the best service worth.

  • To make sure aspiriin migrant workers are deployed in Zero Cost
  • To ensure and safe guard migrant workers right
  • To promote Nepal's migrant worker quality and thus reduce unemployment rate in Nepal
  • To explore new destination countries.
  • To build a strong and professional company culuture and ethics.

The name Kalinchok is a place in Dolakha Nepal, where lies shrine of Hindu Goddess Kali who is considered as the destroyer of evil.
Kalinchok Group consists of 3 companies which are inter-related with each other. Few brief about these compnies are mentioned below:

Kalinchok Security Services

Kalinchok Security Services (P) Ltd , KSS has been working towards introducing itself as one of the largest private security organization that offers a wide range of services and equipment for all kind of premises and operations. With the purpose of providing high-quality professional security services under the supervision and guidance of Ex-Army officers of the Nepalese Army, Kalinchok Security was formed in the year 1999 in Kathmandu.

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Kalinchok Manpower

Kalinchok Manpower is a professional overseas recruiting company who is backed up by two other companies. Each companies are inter-linked, where a prospect migrant worker can gather experience from Kalinchok Security and Utility before he/she gets deployed overseas. This also helps Kalinchok Manpower with better vetting procedures.

Kalinchok Utility Services

Company established in 2012 dedicated to provide all utility and facility services in Nepal. After excelling in providing Security Services at national and international level, Kalinchok utility focuses on providing facility service like housemaids, cleaning service, plumbers, electricians etc. Kalinchok Utility also has provisions for training program and On job training opportunities. We also operate as an ecommerce based platform in Nepal market under the name of Clean Sewa.

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Ethical recruitment is hiring or recruiting workers in an honest, equal and lawful manner without violating rights of the worker. Kalinchok Manpower has developed method by which we ensure ethical recruitment. One of the many examples, we follow FIRST COME FIRST SERVE policy where the candidates are selected on this basis and no preferences will be given to any candidate which can eliminate giving preferences and discrimination amongst the worker.

Kalinchok Manpower also does not entertain agents/middlemen/broker. Doing so we eliminate any risk of possible money/payment dealing with the worker. Out of every 10 workers 7 are charged by the agents/middlemen. Our Reach Out Procedures are very efficient to eliminate the requirement of such middlemen.

Employer Pay model in simple terms, the cost for recruitment is liable to be paid by the employer. Workers do not pay any fees or cost for recruitment. Employer pay model is considered as professional approach and are practiced by corporate businesses and industries.

Although this model may sound impractical and an expensive process, it has been proven to be more effective and cost-effective to employers in the bigger picture. This is a result due to fair recruitment where Kalinchok Manpower is capable of sending the correct manpower who can provide effective and quality output which eventually profits the employer in the longer run.


Our Leaders

Managed and run by professionals who will guide you (Employer & Migrant worker) through every step of process to achieve your required personal or business objective.


Executive Chairman

Lt. Col. Pradeep K Karki(Retd.)

  • Kalinchok Manpower's main driving force is Mr. Karki who after distinguished career of 27 years with the Nepalese Army formed the company with a view to provide hones and quality Manpower Service in the country.
  • Mr. Karki's vision, motivation, leadership skill has always proven to be efficient to up-scale Kalinchok Manpower. His past experience as interviewer for selection of Nepal Police and Army officers has also earned him as one of the panel member for interview.

Managing Director

Mr. Uttam Pradhan

  • With over 15 years in recruitment business in Nepal, Mr. Pradhan handles all day to day operations of the company. With his experience and leadership skill the company has achieved it's regular business targets and goals.
  • He supports the management and shareholders in making business decisions. Similarly, he relentlessly works in creating mechanism and measures to implement and promote migrant workers rights in the company.